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Tile Starter Pack

This Bluetooth-enabled devices and handy Tile app make everything findable.

Welcome to the world’s largest lost-and-found network!

A Tile Mate Starter Pack consists of a Tile Mate, a small device that can be attached to any of your belongings and a Tile Slim that can fit within your purse or wallet. The Bluetooth-enabled devices help keep track and find your belongings that matter most to you, whether this is your keys or wallet or even your pets and children – it’s all made easy using the Tile app.
When using the tile app, it is easy to ring your nearby belongings, just simply tap the ‘Find’ button and your Tile device will ring. If you have your Tile device but cannot locate your phone, simply double press the Tile button on your device and your phone will ring, even when on silent.
If you have lost your belongings in a faraway location, you can see the last time and place your Tile device updated and if you believe your Tile device is truly lost, just activate the Tile community and every phone running the Tile app can anonymously help you find it.

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