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Bakedin Subscription

Get the joy of baking from scratch, just with no food waste, a great taste and something new to impress your friends and family with this 3 month subscription.

3 Months Baking Subscription

The baking club and bread baking club are two completely unique subscription boxes that you can choose from.
Each month, bakedin deliver a unique baking or bread baking kit with a recipe exclusively developed in-house and posted through your letterbox. Like our famous baking kits, it contains all of the dry ingredients you’ll need, an easy to follow recipe card and some handy extras!

How it works:

  1. You will receive an email with a unique code to activate your bakedin subscription.
  2. You will need to select between the baking or bread box. You do not need to enter any bank details to receive the subscription.
  3. The first box will be sent to you with a gift certificate and unique code to activate the remaining boxes.
  4. When you're ready for your remaining boxes you can visit bakedin and activate them.
  5. No need to do anything else. Once you have received all 3 boxes the subscription will end.

Happy Baking!

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